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Phone 1300 554 599 
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Address 113 Porters Rd, Kenhurst 2156 NSW Australia 
Manufacturing -- Other 

Mitchell Industries imports quality plastics equipment

Mitchell Industries has been selling plastics machinery since 1993 and has installations across Australia and NZ

SEPRO robots -, World`s No:1 CNC robot for the plastics injection industry.
BILLION Injection moulders - High speed, high quality machines from 50-2500T. Inventor of co-injection and 30% of all machines multi-material
Blue Air Dehumifiers, Super cool blowing air units. -
EMD IML labelling for Injection and Blow Moulding -
JIH HUANG All Electric Blow Moulding machines -
GETECHA Granulators , one of top 5 suppliers in the worldFull range from bside the press to 3000 kg/hr ,and special untis for pipe and thermoforming trim -
PROFILE SOLUTIONS Australian made world leading leak testers , exported to over 25 countries

PROFILE AUTOMATION - low cost Pisco pneumatic fittings & tube, Mindman Puneumatics, SYM valves and LANBAO sensors, all types, but save massively on capacitive sensors for material bins, pricing below $100.00


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