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It was June 2007 and  I’m sitting at my mother’s dining table. I had just moved back to Brisbane after a divorce and had to start my life over. I was at the 6 week mark of unemployment and my mother put her hand on my shoulder and said “I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s not working. I think you’d better have a chat to Centrelink”.

Ugh. I was so frustrated.

It wasn’t that I was too proud to join the dole queue but I thought “this isn’t fair. I have so much experience and study under my belt, I mustn’t be selling myself well.”

So I thought that if I was a business, how would I market myself?

So I sat down and created my vision of my ideal job. I drew my workspace, designed my ideal day, projects and the type of people I would be working with. I then decided I needed to find out where that company was. Just looking at the jobs on Seek wasn’t working. I researched and found 5 companies who I thought I’d be a good fit for. I created my collateral including my resume, my pitch, my presentation and managed to get a meeting with the first one on my list. After meeting with them they said that they liked what I had to say but they didn’t have anything for me at the time. Two weeks later I got a call to say the person in the job resigned and it was mine if I wanted it. It was my dream job and I got to do all the wonderful work that I wanted to do. I had a dream team and loved every second of it.

So nowadays I help people sell themselves to get what they want by looking at themselves through their customer’s eyes. I’m passionate about helping businesses and people bring their authentic personality to life in their interactions with their team, potential buyers, recruiters or decision-makers to create influence and IMPACT.

I’m bold, an early adopter and innovator. I’m the one trying new ways of doing business to stand out from the crowd. I started my own business to fulfil my passion and help people shine! People buy from people. And they buy from people who they know, like and trust.

I chose my name Jane Anderson as my business name because in our modern society… we are our own brand. I firmly believe the future of work is about the ability to brand ourselves effectively so we can communicate who we are and attract opportunities to us. The challenge is we have this thing in Australia called the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ so I help people stand out without feeling like they’re blowing their own trumpet.

I’m best known for my ability to bring out the best in people in a pragmatic, resourceful and authentically inspiring way. As a result, I’ve been nominated for the 2014 Telstra Business Women’s Awards. I’ve also been featured on Today Tonight as the “Job Whisperer” and am in the Top 1% of viewed profiles on LinkedIn.

Living by the philosophy of “Good things come to those who make it happen!” I believe in making your mark on the world by taking action and not just sitting back.

I spent a large part of my career leading sales teams and in leadership development in retailing and government. I have coached CEO’s, business leaders and entrepreneurs to connect and inspire their teams and customers through online and face to face experiences. I became a manger at 20 when my oldest team member was 70 years old and the youngest was 40. I’ve experienced the challenges of leading and engaging a team to achieve outstanding results.

One of two Master Career Directors in Australia, I have worked with over 11,000 people with their Personal Brand. I’ve been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, BBC Online, Today Tonight, Mornings on Channel 9, Management Today & Marie Claire. I’m also a co-author of the book “Understanding Y” published by Wiley and out in bookstores and Amazon. My own book “IMPACT: How to Build Your Personal Brand For The Connection Economy” will be released early 2015.

I have delivered programs for a broad range of clients including Virgin, Sunsuper, Origin, Rio Tinto, Australian Medical Association, AIA Insurance, TUH, Super Retail Group, Dominos, Conoco Phillips, Sunsuper, XStrata, QGC, Origin Energy, IP Australia, Griffith Uni, Dept of Defence, QLD Transport, CITEC, AusAid, Stanwell, QUT, Gold Coast City Council, TAFE.

I have also worked for big personal branded businesses like Tracey Mathers, part of the Mathers family shoe dynasty and Tony Ferguson, the weight loss guru. I have learnt first-hand the way a name stands out from the crowd and how to position yourself as an industry leader.

As a keynote speaker, people say I’m captivating and inspiring. I have a natural ability to connect with any audience, meet them where they are and take them to where they need to be.

I believe life is too short to do work that does not make a difference.  So I do work I like, with people I like, in a way that I think can get results.  As a result I have a set of criteria that I work within:

  • You need to be motivated for results. It’s a team effort but I won’t prioritise you more than you prioritise yourself.
  • We need to connect (we don’t have to become best mates but we need to like working with each other).
  • I need to know that I can truly add value to what you want to achieve. If not, I’ll recommend someone else.


Highlights about Jane

  • Professional Speaker and Author
  • Certified Personal Branding Strategist
  • Professional Certified Coach PCC (International Coach Federation)
  • Certified Master Career Director and Certified Employment Interview Coach (Career Directors International), one of two in Australia.
  • Accredited Career Counsellor and Advisor (Career Development Association of Australia)
  • Nominated for Telstra Business Awards in 2014.
  • The only Australian Executive Career Coach for BlueSteps Global Executive Search
  • MBTI and DISC Facilitator
  • Featured on Today Tonight, CLEO Magazine, Brisbane Business News

What I love best about Jane’s passion for personal branding is the diversity of tools she uses to ‘position’ someone- LinkedIn, photography, Twitter, personal websites, video, content strategy, ecommunication tools, presentation skills, personal grooming, self– management habits and guiding behaviours are all employed expertly. She’s always versed on the latest and greatest and shares it generously. Jane has brought many amazing things to my life least of all the career plan where we started our journey together.

Jane’s connectedness to business, her network (which she readily extends), her insight, her drive, her enthusiasm and passion for helping people is inspiring. I see her constantly seeking innovative ways to do things, and maybe most importantly, constantly pushing herself to learn new things so she can add value to the people who are her clients and colleagues. She walks her talk beautifully with a personal brand that is clear and concise and an honour to be associated with. She’s a one in a million.
Kellie-Ann Robinson Australian Marketing Institute QLD President

Jane is one of those diamonds you discover all too rarely these days. Jane has skills that extend across multiple disciplines and she can draw on these as required. She has the ability to guide people with a firm and yet gentle hand. Her clients frequently find themselves with new levels of internal motivation and achieving new personal bests. Any opportunity to engage Jane’s services will be time and money well invested!
Craig Leaney, General Manager

Occasionally in life you come across a person who simply exubes professionalism, competence and an incredible energy. You know the type, when you walk away, you think to yourself, “what ever she’s taking, I want some of that”! Jane is one of those people. I would highly recommend Jane to any person or business who is looking for an action oriented powerhouse.
Heather Dickinson Instructional Designer, M Ed