Q: Why Purchase A Thermwood? 

by Flecknoe 

Q: Why Purchase A Thermwood?

A: Better Machines with More Features and Better Support

Better Machines (this means better performance, more reliability and longer life)

• High-Performance, Highly Reliable Siemens Drives (normally only on much

more expensive machines)

• Full Function, High Performance CNC Control (compared to limited, bottom end


• Designed using State of the Art ProEngineer CAD/CAM (assures best possible

structure and performance)

• Weldments Fully Stress Relieved (eliminates stress warping and cracking down

the road)

• Three-Dimensional Laser Compensated (machine is dead accurate everywhere –

others can’t do this)

More Features (means more productivity and greater throughput

• Control Nesting (nesting at the control is easier and more productive)

• Free High-End Cabinet Design Software (eCabinet Systems is an industry leading

software package)

• Extensive Software Compatibility (control accepts output and can even combine

files from a wide variety of design software including ProE, Catia, CabinetVision,

eCabinet Systems, KCDw, AutoCAD DXF, etc.)

• Virtual Service (address any problem from configuration to programming by

connecting the control directly to service – fast and really easy)

• Automatic Tool Management (manages tooling and tool life – not easy without

this feature)

• Maintenance Tracking (manages lubrication and routine maintenance based on

actual machine use)

• Error Reporting (graphically displays location of error and suggests remedy –

with others finding and fixing is a nightmare)

• Maintenance Videos (on-screen videos guide you through adjustment and repair)

• Dynamic CAD Drawings (view and explode every machine assembly on the

control screen for maintenance and part identification)

• Dynamic On Screen Manuasl (view and search the machine manual right on the

control screen)

Better Support (help when you need it)

• In-Depth Machine Training (formal class included with every machine)

• eCabinet Systems Software Training (included with every cabinet machine)

• Available Online Software Training (learn at your own pace with this ongoing


• Available Programming and Production Start-Up Assistance (get going quickly)

• Free eCabinet Systems Software Updates (no creeping annual software

maintenance cost)

• Free Phone Support (as long as you own your machine)

• Virtual Service(instantly address virtually anything a service visit can – fast,

without the service cost)

• Ongoing Control Updates (not available from others – you’re stuck with what you


• Free and Open Machine and Software Forums (get help from other users)

• Technical Support Visit Direct from the Factory (single source responsibility

should you ever need it)

• Extensive Spare Parts Inventory with Overnight Shipping (should you ever need


The bottom line:

Thermwood systems install fast, start up quick, are easier to

use and maintain, produce more and last longer.


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