Profile Solutions make world-leading leak testers from its own high-quality aluminum profile system. We have offered this system to others in a minor way for years, but we are now offering it to a wider audience.

We have over 30 sizes in 3 modules (20,30 and 40mm), from 20x20mm to 80x160mm. So many profile systems have cut the weight and the strength out of their profiles to lower cost but to build good machinery and workbenches you need strength.

Plus what you think you might save on the cost of the profile, you then lose on the cost of connectors. Our T slot nuts and brackets are far lower in cost than the industry average. 

The new catalogue includes prices, so you can work out the cost straight up of your assembly. We also make custom workbenches from the system as reasonable prices. Plus we advise the 2nd moment of area so you can compare the relative strengths of our profiles with others. Ours are stronger than average. 

The use of this system is only limited by your imagination. Please click on this link for our comprehensive Aluminium profile and accessories catalogue; 

In Sydney contact: Michael Mitry 0430 461 797, 1300 554 599, 

[email protected]

For Victoria: Murray Lock 0417 339 571,

[email protected]


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