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“Re-thinking the future”, a cycle of meetings and seminars on revolutionary 4.0 topics affecting the business world, offers a perspective that puts learning centre-stage in order to keep ahead of change and control it. The cycle begins on 9 April with the inauguration of the new SACMI Innovation Lab

SACMI 1919-2019: a hundred years of company history characterised by innovation, ever-improving skills and smooth synergy with the local community. Mindful of the importance of training and attentive to change since its founding, SACMI is proud to promote “re-thinking the future”, a cycle of conferences and workshops on 4.0 innovation in business.

Six appointments at SACMI Imola's Auditorium 1919 (via Selice Provinciale 17a, Imola) will open up a “window on the future”, as prof. Raffaele Secchi, professor at the Liuc Business School and scientific curator of the events, defines it.

The cycle gets under way on 9 April with “Give innovation space”, a meeting open to the citizenry to inaugurate the new SACMI Innovation Lab, an R&D facility dedicated to the application of the Internet of Things and 4.0 enabling technologies. This meeting aims to present the new lab - co-funded by a regional tender to attract investment in advanced Industry 4.0 projects (Por Fesr 2014-2020) and a candidate to become a node of the Emilia-Romagna High Tech Network - and will end with a guided tour of the SACMI Ceramic Lab facilities and Control Room.

SACMI is determined to seize the opportunities offered by ever-more extensive automation of the various stages of the production process: in 2018 alone it dedicated over 30,000 internal training hours to new technology, safety and the environment. This is an approach that extends far beyond the company itself. Indeed, it involves the region's entire small-medium enterprise ecosystem in an open innovation logic in which the new facility plays a key role (in the coming months some 40 researchers, 20 of whom are new graduates, will be developing numerous Lab projects).

“SACMI was founded in 1919 through the sheer determination of nine people, united by the ideal of bettering themselves through work”, points out the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi. “Over these last 100 years, the Cooperative has reached the pinnacle of global manufacturing thanks to the extraordinary ability of its men and women to anticipate change and rise to the challenges posed by every period and social-economic context. The goal of these meetings, which will continue throughout 2019 as we celebrate our centenary, is to ensure we play our part in this delicate transformation phase, which we see as packed with opportunity for businesses and communities alike”.

After 9 April, the programme will continue over the following months with further meetings designed to illustrate specific aspects of 4.0. These range from the competitive challenges and the transformation of business models (speed, personalisation, omnichannel marketing) to the 4.0 factories that will incorporate collaborative robots and self-adaptive systems to meet growing demand for greater customization and flexibility of production.

Such an evolution - which places people at its centre - puts skills back in the spotlight; it also involves the innovation of organisational models to bring them into line with such an approach to manufacturing and markets. Moreover, it poses, with some urgency, the matter of the circular economy: that is, the careful management of product and machine life-cycles to make production processes more sustainable and ensure the benefits of smart manufacturing extend to the environment as well.


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