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NSW innovation in the spotlight at CeBIT

A NSW company that designed the cockpit of Titanic director James Cameron's Deepsea Challenger has been selected among eight firms being showcased on the NSW Government stand at CeBIT Australia 20...


Raman spectroscopy spots environmental microplastics

Renishaw Oceania Pty Ltd

Plastics are used extensively in products and packaging. Unfortunately, these make their way into the environment and cause significant pollution, not only as bulk material but also as microplastics: ...


Genox Tyre Recycling Systems

Applied Machinery

Genox Tyre Recycling Technology End of Life Tyres present a severe environmental problem. Ever increasing traffic volumes, our reliance on motor vehicles, and stricter legislation usable ...


Carbon Monoxide Training Course.

Testo Pty. Ltd

Testo Australia is running a Carbon Monoxide training course ideal for Gas Plumbers wanting to learn more on: • The dangers of Carbon Monoxide. • Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisonin...