News Of The Day

Thermwood Validates Additive Production of Yacht Hull Molds

Thermwood has already 3D printed a full size pattern which was used to produce production sport boat hull molds. Much larger vessels, yachts for example, require a different approach. In the...


Thermwood Cut Ready - The First CNC That Doesnt Need a Programmer!


Cut Ready doesn’t need a programmer because there is already one inside the control. We call him “Artie”. Despite the cute name, Artie is actually a cutting edge, artificial intel...


Genox -GC Series Granulators

Applied Machinery

GC Series Granulators are high speed granulation machines designed especially for the efficient size reduction of various materials in a single pass. These machines are ideal for processing a multitud...


Carbon Monoxide Training Course.

Testo Pty. Ltd

Testo Australia is running a Carbon Monoxide training course ideal for Gas Plumbers wanting to learn more on: • The dangers of Carbon Monoxide. • Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisonin...