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CellMark Recycling 

CellMark Recycling comprises a network of offices and production facilities in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Asia. Founded in 1984 as Pacific Forest Resources, the division focuses primarily on exporting recycled fiber from North America to mills around the world.

With the addition of our facilities in North America, CellMark Recycling now sells 30 to 40 percent of our North American material, brokerage- or plant-specific, to US and Canadian mills. While export remains the cornerstone of our business, the paper recycling industry has evolved into a global commodity business, and we have evolved with it. Moreover, providing marketing and production expertise in single-stream commodities has enhanced our product portfolio.

Full-service recycling

Today, CellMark Recycling is a full-service organization with more than 200 employees dedicated to sourcing, producing, selling and trading recycled fiber, plastics and metals. The division has 14 sales offices in North America and owns 10 processing facilities in areas that complement our supply base of independent and mill-owned plants. Our European office is in The Netherlands; in Asia we have offices in Singapore and Shanghai. Recently, we opened a facility in Lima, Peru to manage Latin American markets. Diversification is a key strength for us; we have the ability to buy and sell in all markets at all times.

CellMark Recycling’s strong financial resources, combined with our experienced team of recycling specialists, enable us to enhance our trading and consulting with risk management services. These capabilities help us provide suppliers and customers with new equipment and innovative payment terms to improve their cash flow.

CellMark WasteStream Solutions

CellMark has created a closed-loop, zero-waste consulting program. The initiative started with newspaper publishers and has been extended to accommodate businesses, including commercial printers, office complexes and retailers, as well as the US Postal Service. During the assessment, we quickly calculate a producers’ waste generation, reduce its handling costs and help it enhance revenue. The program has helped many companies reach their green goals.


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