Australasian Corrosion Association 

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Phone 03 9890 4833 
Address Po Box 112, Kerrimuir 3129 Victoria Australia 

The ACA is a not-for-profit, membership Association which disseminates information on corrosion and its prevention or control by providing training, seminars, conferences, publications and other activities.


Leaders throughout Australasia in disseminating knowledge to enable best practice in corrosion management, thereby ensuring the environment is protected, public safety enhanced and economies improved.



The ACA will achieve its vision by focusing on four strategic priorities:

• Expand Training Offerings
• Enhance Governance Processes
• Further Develop and Service Membership Market Segments
• Increase Awareness and Influence of ACA

In support of ACA's vision and priorities, the   2014-2016  Strategic Plan  provides a clear focus and direction.

 Our Constitution is the document that determines the way the ACA operates.

The ACA is governed by a Board of Directors:

Paul Vince (Chair)
Kingsley Brown
Graham Carlisle
Peter Dove
Allan Sterling
Dean Wall

The ACA Board Charter sets out the duties and responsibilities, structures and process of the Board of ACA.
Board members are elected by Council which consists of; a President and two Vice Presidents, two Council members appointed by each Branch Committee each year and the Public Officer.  

President: Mohammad Ali
Senior Vice President: John Duncan
Junior Vice President: Matthew Dafter
Public Officer: Roman Dankiw


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