Axieo Specialties - Australia 

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Phone 1800 258 128 
Address Lv 3, 35 Cotham Rd, Kew 3101 Victoria Australia 

We’d rather talk about you
We know that you expect us to deliver quality products and services that meet your specifications and compliance needs first time, every time. And we believe that the relationships we have with our customers, Principals and employees are just as central to our future growth and success as they are to yours.
We’d love you to speak with us if you think we can improve how we serve you and your customers.
Our name is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘axio’ meaning worthy; of worth; being of an ideal higher than yourself.

Driving success through innovation

Axieo is working hard to create a culture of exceptional customer service which is relationship-driven and flexible.  We are adapting our processes and systems to ensure we can respond quickly when our Principal’s and customers’ needs change.  More importantly, by working closely with our customers to understand their business needs and challenges, we are proactively suggesting new product innovations that drive their profit and success.


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