Sigma Ergonomics 

Contact Tyron Sander 
JobTitle Business Development Executive 
Phone 0410 895 075 
Address Unit 2 12 Channel Rd, Mayfield West 2304 NSW Australia 

Sigma Ergonomics is an innovative industrial ergonomics company. Our aim is to supply quality, high tech solutions to solve a variety of muscular skeletal and ergonomic issues in the workplace. Our products range from:

  • Bespoke lift assist systems to safely and efficiently lift and move heavy or awkward items
  • Ergonomic tool arms and interfaces to make the use of heavy tools safer and more efficient
  • Exoskeletal arms to prevent repetitive strain injuries in situations where users work with their arms outsreched  for long periods of time
  • Full exoskeletal suits to revolutionise manual handling in the future

Sigma Ergonomics is a proud distributor of Ekso Bionics and Industrial Magnetics Inc. across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia


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