Aspect Productivity Technology Limited 

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Address 1a/22 Moselle Avenue, Henderson 0610 Auckland New Zealand 

AspectPL - Smart Manufacturing

Australasia's #1 machine-connected productivity solution for the plastics and packaging industries.

The AspectPT Philosophy:

…Visibility, Control, Continuous Improvement, Profitability.

The modern factory is a complex, often chaotic environment. The need to integrate people, complicated machinery, raw materials, and customer demands to manufacture quality product to a deadline is difficult enough. Further, external competitive pressures and technical advances means the business must also be run as efficiently as possible, and at the same time be able to turn a profit.

AspectPL helps discrete manufacturers to turn this chaos into order. It provides a framework and systems for building a robust business by removing manual processes and enables the staff to concentrate on improving and optimising the plant.

Quick Points:

  • The AspectPT team developed AspectPL software, owns the IP, and has a great deal of expertise in the ‘plastics’ sector. As a local Australasian provider, we have the ability to make changes and enhancements quickly.
  • AspectPL supports and enables various OEE and Lean improvement initiatives. This leads directly to an improved bottom-line performance. Typically, AspectPL users report productivity improvements in the range of 10-15% well within the first year which is very easily maintained and then improved even more in consequent years.



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