Protective Coatings Preventing Corrosion 

by Australasian Corrosion Association 
on 19-Mar-2015 
at Mercure Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide, 125 North Terrace, Adelaide 

Protective coatings are used across a multitude of industries including construction, infrastructure, oil & gas, and mining. Protective coatings are a widespread and extremely effective approach to controlling and preventing corrosion.

The ACA Coatings Technical Group has prepared a program to bring industry experts together to share their knowledge and investigate ways to better improve the longevity of protective coatings in a variety of applications and environments.

For the coating application contractor, consultants, suppliers and other key stakeholders keeping abreast of the technological advances and understanding the importance of their role in protecting our assets is of utmost importance. This event aims to explore the protective coatings industry by looking at case studies, new technologies, environmental considerations and industry qualifications, standards and training.

If you are interested in corrosion prevention then this event is a great opportunity to get together with your industry colleagues and learn about the latest in the protective coatings industry.


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