Unusual approaches to getting an idea from Development to a Fully Testable Product 


27 May 2015, 11:45 - 12:25

R&B Hub, National Manufacturing Week Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Product realisation, or any subset of that process, is a challenge to many small companies.  It requires practical know-how backed by academic knowledge.    

This talk covers some interesting case histories and shows practical examples of using a combination of in house and outsourced resources through examples from the power distribution field.  New concepts such as “probabilistic tolerance stacking” combined with very complex CAD and testable rapid prototypes made by additive and subtractive processes.

Price: Free with registration

Presenter  - Phil Timbrell




  • General Manager Engineering

    Far East region, Preformed Line Products

    Phil Timbrell has worked in the design and development of electrical, electronic and mechanical products since 1968 when he commenced his engineering...


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