Sepro S15-15 Speed a super fast standard Robot 


In many applications people pay a lot of money for high speed robots.

The S5-15 Speed is standard s5-15 with the payload reduced from 5 kg to 3kg, which allowed Sepro to increase the Z axis vertical accelerations by >50%, and the other axes accelerations were also increased.

The result of this standard robot can run on very short cycles.

In the video its taking out small pot, which is air ejected into the end of arm tool in 3.3 seconds and stacking the part.

Specialised high speed top entry robots can be 50-100% more in cost than the Sepro S5-15 speed.

If you are making high speed lightweight parts and want reasonably priced automation then the Sepro s5-15 Speed could be a “cost effective” solution.

Sepro is Europe’s number 1 supplier plastic industry robots, now producing more than 20000 units per year with a turnover > 100M euro’s and 30000+ installed robots worldwide.

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