Polystar’s sophisticated recycling technology  solves the insidious issue of plastic film waste 


With the issue of plastic recycling becoming more of a burden, companies across Australia are in the midst of finding new ways to effectively recycle their waste, especially their plastic film waste. Waste from plastic film wrapping has been responsible for exacerbating the overflow of landfills and contributing to a looming plastic waste crisis.   

Polystar presents an ideal solution to this major problem by offering a range of one-step machines that are designed for the reprocessing of polyethylene and polypropylene flexible packaging material.

Polystar machines are designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain, all the while taking up minimal space and time. Their output comes in the form of high-quality plastic pellets that can be fed straight back into the manufacturing process, saving on raw material costs as well as on waste disposal.

This pelletising system - with its integrated cutter compactor - eliminates the need for pre-cutting in most cases, and ensures the material spends less time in the extrusion process to minimise degradation. This means that the final product will be of the highest quality and the material properties will not be affected. 

In addition to the double degassing in the first extrude, the venting area - the connection between the first and second extruder - serves as a third degassing section (optional) to further remove the ink and extra humidity level from the material.

The unvented extruder has a very short screw L:D ratio, in which the material travels in the extruder for the shortest time and distance. This results in minimal change in material property and higher output comparing to vented extruder.

Furthermore, the re-positioning of filtration before degassing ensures a superior degassing effect, producing excellent quality pellets from heavily printed material.

“Manufacturers who want an easy, efficient solution to plastic film recycling now have the opportunity with Polystar recycling machines,” said Applied Machinery Managing Director, David Macdonald.

“Polystar requires less space and energy consumption whilst producing high quality plastic pellets, which are immediately reusable. The Polystar machines are a must get for companies that are serious about plastic film recycling,” Mr Macdonald went on to say.

Polystar is a Taiwanese-based company that now has machines operating in 102 countries. Since its formation thirty years ago in 1988, the company has grown into a globally-respected manufacturer. Its high quality, reliability and state-of-the-art features have been proven in the intervening years.

“Applied Machinery is proud to have been appointed a distributor for Polystar machines. We are confident that the product will appeal to manufacturers looking to effectively recycle their plastic film waste, and provide those manufacturers with a competitive advantage in the market place,” Mr Macdonald summed up.

Applied Machinery recently celebrated 25 years in business and, in addition to Polystar, represents a large range of other premium machinery manufacturers including Yawei, Genox, Hurco, Cosen, Chen Hsong, Alfarobot, Hermle, Akyapak, Pro-Plas, Hyundai-WIA and Kitamura.                                                       


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