BILLION SAS and Georges Pernoud North America present on NPE 2018 a 4.0 Plastics Processing Solution for the May 7th to 11th 2018 – OCCC ORLANDO - BOOTH S11103. 


BILLION SAS (France) and Georges PERNOUD North America (MI) team up at NPE 2018 to present a 4.0 plastics production application. The process combines a BILLION one-shot all electric SELECT 300 Ton injection molding machine, with an E-Tooling from PERNOUD Group. The fully automated process includes the Multitube technology.

BILLION PLASTICS MACHINERY Inc. Sales and service office in Detroit (MI) 

Under the name of Billion Plastics Machinery, Inc., BILLION SAS has settled a branch office in Rochester Hills next to Detroit. John-Paul Mead is in charge of the sales and service structure for North American and Canadian markets. Our machine range from 40 to 1100 Tons match the expectations of American automotive and technical parts processors. BILLION long-term experience and know-how in multi-injection technologies offer very competitive plastics manufacturing solutions. With 8 machines ranging from 50T to 300T, the automotive plastics processor AdduXi, Inc. is a major Billion customer in the US. BILLION offers highly technical machines, dedicated to plastics processors seeking solutions for the production of technical parts. Other sectors like cosmetics and packaging are also part of the target. 

Added value for plastic molders with SELECT all-electric range 

The equipment on show on NPE2018 belongs to BILLION Range of injection molding machines SELECT from 40 to 600 Tons. The H1300-300T machine combines energy efficiency and precision of a 100 % electric equipment. Compared to fully hydraulic machines, and depending on the type of parts produced, the energy savings on Select machines amount to 50 % to 70 %. The energy consumption of the application on show amounts to only 0,6 kWh/kg. The Select range offers an increased productivity, as precision and reproducibility of the process start right from the 1st cycle, which means a reduction of scraps. The equipment is environment friendly and very silent. Among other advantages of the series are also user-friendliness and cleanliness. 

BILLION Solutions for Industry 4.0– Remote maintenance and production management with Easyconnect PRO: 

The EasyConnect Pro function allows connection of machines in processor’s workshop on their own network.It becomes possible to create a remote connexion, and thereby also to implement remote maintenance and service support. The processor may also upload data and exchange them via FTP.

4.0 Plastics processing solution with GPNA E-Tooling technology: smart, connected and full-electric.

The 4th industrial revolution requires a better knowledge and understanding of the process and more connectivity between production cell components. That’s why PERNOUD Group decided to develop a smart, connected and full electric tool called E-Tooling. This new generation of mold will be able to interoperate with the machine, to communicate with humans and to manage versions in cycle. The E-Tooling will improve the quality of the production and the traceability through data acquisition. The visualization of the data with public smartphone allows a continuous supervision of process deviation and the receipt of alarm notification. Those improvements bring help for a better maintenance management with prediction. Moreover the mold kinematic is driven by electric actuators with less energy consumption and follows the production evolution to a full electric solution.

E-Tooling features:

- Using standard resin, injection molding machine and end of arm tool

- Number of movement is independent of the injection molding machine

- Increasing of flexibility for the demolding movement (speed, acceleration and position)

- Global cost reduction in comparison with hydraulic solution 

- Improvement of the workshop cleanliness 

- Better power chain efficiency and less energy consumption (20%)

- Better mold availability time thanks to predictive maintenance (15%)

- Less rejected rate of part during the production (20%) 

- Embedded system called E-Box with mono board computer

- 3 different levels of E-Box: Basic, Premium and “A la carte”



Relying on a 69 year experience, BILLION SAS (France) design, manufacture and distribute plastics injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 40 to 1100 Tons. We supply innovative solutions and processes to the plastics processing industry. 

Ranges are: Select All-Electric (400–6.000 kN), Hercule (2000–3200 kN), GM (4300–11.000 kN). 

BILLION offers the benefit of a unique know-how in multi-shot technologies, and is historically a renowned specialist of the sector. The complete range from 100 to 1100 T is designed to be adaptable to all multi-injection technologies. 

The main force of our Select all-electric range is definitely the energy efficiency. The Select range offers an increased productivity as precision and reproducibility of the process start right from the 1st cycle, which means a reduction of scraps. The equipment is also environment friendly, clean and very silent. 

BILLION machines comply with the requirements of demanding markets such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging or medical, cosmetics, household-leisure… Certified ISO 9001, BILLION is Nr. 1 in France and a major player in Europe and Africa with subsidiaries in Germany, Italy; Great-Britain, Slovakia/Poland and Tunisia, together with a wide network of agents and representatives around the world.

Contact for the Press : Frédéric FAILLET – [email protected] - Phone +33. 614 680 191 Website:                                    

About GPNA, Inc.

The PERNOUD Group, an international French mold maker located in France, Slovakia & USA (annual sales of 16.6 Mill. $ over 106 employees), is specialized in injection toolings (thermoset & thermoplastic) and composites. Their core business is molding process improvement & productivity.

Certified ISO 9001 version 2008, the PERNOUD Group is also accredited Research Center and is working on BEinCPPS H2020 European program.

In 2001, they founded their own mold makers cluster called AGP DEVELOPPEMENT in order to form a worldwide task force of skills.

Their customers are the main automotive tiers 1 for under hood plastic parts (air, cooling and fuel management systems) according to the multi-process mold (MPM) and the Multitube molding technology.

GPNA, Inc. : 101 West Big Beaver Road, Columbia Center, Suite 1400 – Troy (MI) - 48084, USA

Phone #: +1 (248) 687 1051 / Toll Free #: +1 (844) GPNA-USA

Contact for the press : Thierry MAROTIN – Cell #: +33 (683) 625 659

For any further details about the Company, please go to the PERNOUD Corporate website:

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