Launch of CSIRO Lab 22 Innovation Centre 


Launch of CSIRO Lab 22 Innovation Centre

Additive manufacturing: Lab22 official opening

CSIRO additive manufacturing technologies offer a highly efficient and productive manufacturing process and are a key opportunity for Australian businesses to remain globally competitive.  

CSIRO was officially opened Monday May 25.
Alex Kingsbury - Research Group Leader, Additive Manufacturing, High Performance Metal Industries — welcomed guests.

Terry Wohlers, principal consultant & President Wohlers Associates provided an overview of additive manufacturing.

A tour & inspection of Lab 22 was provided for the guests to view & discuss the equipment & procedures.

Lab 22, provides a facility that businesses can access to explore metallic additive manufacturing.

Lab 22 makes available new technologies and research, catering to a wide spectrum of requirements demanded by the marketplace. It's a unique opportunity for businesses to explore and engage in forward-thinking additive manufacturing design and production techniques, which can greatly increase efficiencies and productivity.

CSIRO Lab 22 machines can be categorised based on how the raw material is fed (powder bed, cold spray, blown powder) or their heat source (e-beam or laser). They can also handle a wide variety of materials including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and sand.

CSIRO Lab 22 can assist with tailored design solutions, and have the ability to capture 3D data and simulate both the manufacturing process and in-service part performance.

Lab 22 offers:

        Metallic 3D printing

        Advanced machining for improved profitability

        Surface engineering for enhanced performance

        Laser assisted additive deposition

        Laser heat treatments.

Equipment includes:

        Arcam A1

        Concept Laser M2

        Optomec LENS MR-7

        Voxelject VX1000

        Cold Spray Plasma Giken.


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