AspectPL - Smart Manufacturing Software for the Plastics & Packaging Industries 


How does a local manufacturer take on the world?

Bonson uses technology to keep ahead of the pack.

Bonson Industrial is an Auckland-based, family-owned company that manufactures moulded rigid plastic food containers. Founded by David Tsui and Johnny Chui in 1984, it employs 60 staff producing over one million units a day in one of Australasia’s most sophisticated and tightly run food-grade manufacturing plants.  In order to cope with strong growth, they had to switch from traditional manual systems and embrace technology in a new digital factory environment, leading Bonson to AspectPL.

Designed for the plastics industry

AspectPL is a smart-manufacturing solution for discrete manufacturers in the plastics and packaging industries. Bonson uses many of AspectPL’s functional components including live job scheduling, continuous production monitoring, and advanced analytical capabilities. This provides owners and managers with unprecedented visibility and control over every aspect of daily operations.

“AspectPL helps us manage growth” says David Tsui. “It’s integrated to the accounting system and production yield is automatically updated into stock. Gross utilisation of the manufacturing equipment has increased from 70% to 95%+, virtually eliminating unplanned downtime and manufacturing over-runs on any of the machines. It means less manpower, greater accuracy, real-time job tracking and fantastic control of the whole production process. It’s allowed us to scale the business without scaling our data collection or factory approach, and more profit.”

Four business gains 

  • AspectPL has provided the technology platform needed for Bonson to realise its ambitious goal of consistent year-on-year growth.
  • That growth has been underpinned by an OEE metric that exceeds global benchmarks, and close to full utilisation of factory resources.
  • It has been made possible by setting quality standards that few other manufacturers can achieve – allowing Bonson to successfully compete internationally against competitors that are many times larger.
  • As the business has grown, the need for expensive new machines has been reduced thanks to the ability to gain optimum efficiency from the existing plant.

​“My advice if you want to grow: adopt this technology.” -David Tsui, Director, Bonson Industrial Co. Ltd.

Visit the AspectPL team for a software demonstration at the National Manufacturing Week convention in Melbourne, May 9-12. Stand # 2406.


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