How to Weld Thermo-Plastics with Techspan 

Learn how to weld plastics - Welding plastics is not rocket science, but you do need the right equipment and must follow a few basic steps. Surface preparation, V'ing, Tacking, then you are ready for the main welding. Use either the pendulum welding technique, or use our speed welding nozzles for long weld runs. This video can also be purchased on DVD for viewing in a domestic DVD player. 

In this video:
Plastic Welding with the Techspan RION - The hand gun for plastic welding of all different types of thermoplastic materials. Techspan Hot Air Tools can be fitted with a range of different accessory nozzle. Hot Air Hand tools are ideal for welding of roofing membranes, flooring, tarpaulins, plastic pipes and platic tanks, and much more. It is possible to weld the following materials - PVC, PP, PE, PA, PC, EVA, TPO, EPDM .. just to name a few - With Techspan hot air plastic welding is too easy ! 



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