The Safety First Conference & Expo is a dedicated event showcasing the latest technologies, products and services to improve safety standards and compliance and reduce safety expenditure. Organisers have announced four key areas for discussion at the 2017 event, which are:

  • Promoting a safety leadership culture: Fostering employee driven and empowered approaches to safety throughout your organisation
  • Mental health and wellness in an industrial environment: Encouraging a healthy and high performing workforce
  • Safety and industrial technology: Addressing critical safety considerations in industrial technology use
  • Emerging developments in industrial safety: Exploring the latest emerging developments in safety approaches and technologies in heavy industry


Research has found that poor employee engagement levels have a crippling effect on safety performance. The average cost of a safety incident for a disengaged employee is 6 times the cost of an engaged employee and engaged employees are 5 times less likely to have a safety incident and 7 times less likely to have a lost time incident. So how do you improve safety engagement?

Through safety leaders who are able to build trust and influence with employees first and foremost. But it’s not easy. A recent study found that around half of Australian employees say they don't trust their manager.

In this session, Marie-Claire Ross will explore:

  • The role of trust in improving collaboration, safety outcomes and harnessing the collective intelligence of their workforce.
  • How to communicate, engage and empower employees, in order to build trust.
  • 3 important pillars to build a high performing safety leadership culture.
  • If you are frustrated with the lack of progress in improving employee or contractor awareness of safety or just want some new insights to consider, this session is for you.


Registrations have now opened for Australia’s industrial safety event, Safety First Conference & Expo. This event will run from 9 – 12 May 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Safety First Conference & Expo will be co-located with National Manufacturing Week, Austech and ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo which are each comprehensive, free-to-attend opportunities for attendees.

For more information about the Safety First Conference & Expo, or to register for the 2017 event, please visit


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