Recently in the US the  X-Ar has been used to help improve the quality of life for sufferers of muscular dystrophy.  Zachary Smith, a young man with muscular dystrophy, was brave enough to reach out to the suppliers of the X-Ar and ask them for a trial of the product.

Muscular dystrophy encompasses a group of diseases that weaken the muscular-skeletal system. There are over 30 different types of muscular dystrophy each with different causes. These diseases are cause by alterations in our genetic make up which disrupt key muscle building functions and lead to muscle wastage. As the disease progresses individuals with the disease become wheelchair bound and struggle to perform everyday tasks. There is no cure for muscular dystrophy at the moment. However, there are a number of treatments aimed at slowing down the progression of the disease. These include physical therapy, occupational therapy and corticosteroid use.

This is where the X-Ar comes in. The Equipois X-Ar is a passive exoskeltal arm that attaches to the users own arm through a cushioned cuff. The X-Ar supports the weight of the users arm through their full range of motion thus reducing the strain on their muscles . It is derived from the ground breaking Zero G arm. The X-Ar however is designed for supporting the users arm rather than heavy tools. The intended application for the X-Ar was to support the muscles of workers who were required to work with their arms in an outstretched position. This included tasks such as:

  • Welding (Mig and Tig)
  • overhead sanding
  • assembly tasks
  • soldering and brazing
  • painting
  • powder coating
  • electrostatic painting
  • sanding
  • deburring

Zachary Smith has come up with a new use for the X-Ar arms. Zach has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and as his muscles got progressively weaker he found it harder to perform everyday tasks that most of us take for granted. Tasks such as eating breakfast, turn on/off light switches, pointing the remote at the television and a million others. However, Zach found his way on to a website demonstrating the use of the X-Ar arms and had an epiphany. He believed that the X-Ar arm may be able to give his arms the support necessary to once again perform everyday tasks that he had previously struggled with. Below is a video of Zachary demonstrating the difference X-Ar made to his life.


Sigma Ergonomics currently has a set of X-Ar arms in stock as demo units. We are happy to provide them to people who are affected by muscular dystrophy for them to try and are currently looking for ways to make the X-Ar technology more available for sufferers of MD in Australia. If you have any queries about the equipment or would like to organise a trial with the equipment fell free to give us a call on 0400 380 041 or email us at [email protected]




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