Thermoplastics – Acrylics (PMMA)

The TenasiTech SOLID-TT™ range of additives double the surface hardness and scratch resistance of PMMA, without loss of gloss or impact strength. Our TenasiTech SOLID-TT™ additives perform well at ultra-low loadings (2% or less), and can readily be incorporated into the masterbatch using traditional thermoplastic processing equipments.

Thermoplastics – Poyurethanes (TPU)

TenasiTech has developed a novel approach to taking TPU to extreme performance levels. Adaptive Polyol™ incorporates our patented nano-particle additives within standard TPU polyols for maximum flexibility, consistency and performance. Adaptive Polyol™ for TPU production provide the unique benefits of our additive technology without the need to change production processes or capital expenditure.

Industrial Simplicity with Adaptive Polyol™

Product Application Examples for Adaptive Polyol™


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