Stainless Steel Socket Set 


SOS Tools C107-6-14 Stainless Steel 6 Point 3/8" Drive Socket Set

3/8" Drive 13 Piece Metric Standard Socket Ratchet Set, EVA Foam, Matte Including: Standard Industrial Ratchet, Standard Depth 6 point sockets 8mm-19mm, Extension Bar 75mm, Case

This is we believe the best 3/8" Drive socket set on the market:

Our stainless steel sockets are tough and designed to last a lifetime and more. To achieve their superior product properties required new stainless steel manufacturing processes. Tough, long lasting tools begin with the best steel - our stainless steel is made in United States. They are then forged in a special forge, giving our product the superior dimensional accuracy and material integrity, hardened in a Vacuum Heat Treatment machine under extremely precise time and temperature control and finished using a proprietary process for extreme corrosion resistance. Throughout, emphasis is placed on energy efficient and environmentally friendly processes.


Our stainless steel tools can be repeatedly sterilized using an autoclave, set at 120C, with a 20 minute cycle. Which means they are safe to use in medical, laboratory, food and other sensitive environments.


We design to achieve and exceed ANSI, ISO and AS954 (Aerospace Standard).

‣ Our tools are tested to AS954 (most stringent Standard) in our test lab, using the best test equipment available.

‣ We test the tool in use, gradually increasing the load applied until it fails. We call this ‘torque to failure’ and it is defined by ANSI, ISO and AS954.

‣ We test the tool being used under 70% of full Standard Load, 2,000 times, cycling 25 times each minute. We call this ‘Life or Durability’. This is defined by AS954. 

All tools that are worthy to carry SOS Tools stamp are warranted for life of the original purchaser.

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