The Sigma Ergonomics Wear plate replacement system 


Sigma Ergonomics has made the replacement of ground engaging tool wear plates easier and safer than ever with its Wear Plate Replacement System. We have done this by combining the Ekso Bionics Zero G ergonomic tool arm with a bespoke magnetic lift assist system from Industrial Magnetics Incorporated. The Zero G ergonomic tool arm supports the weight of the heavy impact wrenches or torque tools used to undo or reinstall the bolts holding the wear plates to the blade or bucket. The magnetic lift assist is used to lift the heavy wear plates off of the blade or bucket and to reinstall the new wear plates.
The video below demonstrates how the two systems work together to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner.

The Zero G Ergonomic Tool Arm

the Ekso Bionics Zero G Tool system is a tried and tested tool handling arm that supersedes the very restrictive tool balancers available on the market. The arm is completely passive and is fully articulated which allows workers to use the tools as they normally would.The Zero G not only reduces the fatigue and stress placed on the muscular skeletal system, it also allows users to be more accurate and efficient in their roles. With the rising cost of workplace injuries and the significant prevalence of muscular skeletal injuries in the Australian workplace the Zero G systems is becoming a key feature of the modern workplace. Sigma Ergonomics has already supplied dozens of these systems into mines all over Australia, the Zero G has survived the rigorous, abrasive and destructive environments present at many mine sites due to its robust simplicity. The system requires very little maintenance and is fully supported Australia wide by Sigma Ergonomics.

Industrial Magnetics Inc. GET Wear Plate Lifter

The magnetic lift assist supplied by Sigma Ergonomics as part of the GET system is designed and built in the US specifically for the task of removing GET wear plates from various dozers and graders used in mining/earth moving operations. The system features two very powerful permanent magnets which are engaged/disengaged via pneumatic cylinders. The magnets are rated to lift up to a tonne in order to achieve a 300% safety factor for picking up the wear plates. The system also features a pneumatic tilt function which allows the user to match the angle of the blade or bucket on which the wear plate has to be installed/removed. Included in the package is a trolley for easy movement and storage of the system, 2 easy locate spigots to help locate the wear plate on the blade easily and a fully rated shackle or mounting point to use the system with an overhead crane. The magnet system can be mounted from a forklift or overhead crane to suit the area it is being used in. Recently Sigma Ergonomics has updated the magnet system to include the following:

  •   Floating handle so that operators no longer have to move their arms as the system is raised and lowered
  • Crane control mount so that the system can be operate jointly with an overhead crane
  • New corner piece magnet system to remove/reinstall the corner tip wear plates on various systems


Safety Features

  • 300% safety factor on lift capacity
  • Metal lip on the bottom of the system to stop the plates from slipping when the system is oriented at perpendicular to the ground
  • Magnets remain fully engaged if the system loses air pressure. Even if a pneumatic line bursts the magnets will continue to hold the wear plate
  • System is compliant with Australian Regulations
  • Purchase of the system includes training by Sigma Ergonomics in order to safely use the system





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