Gebo Cermex, the specialist in innovative packaging line solutions, will be using Brau Beviale 2016 (8-10 November) to help make the factory of tomorrow  a reality today for producers of beer, wine and spirits. Industry 4.0 is gathering momentum as the trend for automation and data exchange spreads into so many different areas of manufacturing technologies. The need now is to find ways in which the vision embodied in industry 4.0 can be realised and Agility 4.0 from Gebo Cermex is a programme developed specifically to meet the challenges faced by the beverage industry.

The speed of change in the beverage market and the evolving demands from consumers as they find new ways to purchase are driving a need for innovative production processes. With the increasing automation of factories, making them more connected, agile and flexible is crucial. Building on its role as the performance partner for today and tomorrow, Gebo Cermex based its Agility 4.0 Advanced Production System programme on an open innovation approach, which saw clear contributions from key customers, especially to identify the issues that they see in moving into the era of the smart factory.

The result is a major step towards bringing Advanced Production Systems closer to the present. This is delivered by Gebo Cermex as part of its approach to considering the extended lifecycle of the packaging line, through the design and build phases and onto how the performance can be constantly maintained and improved. Ludovic Tanchou is Vice President of Innovation and Marketing at Gebo Cermex and comments – “There is much discussion around Industry 4.0 and how it can be taken from concept to reality. Brau Beviale will give us an excellent platform to introduce and discuss how Agility 4.0 can help to bring this realisation closer for packaging lines with a solution that extends from initial virtual design right through to logistics. Along the way it encompasses digital connectivity and simulation, as well as machine, system and data intelligence, including robotics and communicating hardware, always recognising the overriding need for sustainable production.”

Agility 4.0 will be introduced on the booth through a series of live demonstrations to highlight the different elements that collectively contribute to the factory of the future:

  • Extended Factory
  • Virtual Factory
  • Smart technologies
  • Eco-Friendly solutions
  • Connected plant

Jean-Claude Waeldin is Project Manager of Advanced Production Systems at Gebo Cermex and emphasises the vital role that simulation tools, as part of the Virtual Factory pillar, can play in this process – “Simulation is one of the keys to cost control and that is at the heart of Agility 4.0. We will be showing, notably through a stimulating Virtual Reality experience, how the ability to both visualise and forecast can help significantly in making the right decisions to keep OPEX to an absolute minimum.”

Part of the Sidel Group, Gebo Cermex has some 37,000 equipment and system installations operating throughout the world, bringing advanced performance and greater agility to packaging lines. The company offers solutions in complete packaging line engineering, equipment design manufacturing and integration, material handling and end-of-line packaging. Gebo Cermex is a regular exhibitor at Brau Beviale, a show which covers the whole supply chain of beverage production, from raw materials and new technologies to logistics and marketing. The 2016 event will be presented at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany, with Gebo Cermex exhibiting in Hall 7A, booth 223. 


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