AIP Food Safety-Packaging Standards & Regulations Half-Day Training Course 

by Australian Institute of Packaging 
on 22-Jul-2015 
at Oatlands Golf Course, New South Wales 

The AIP will be holding their new Food Safety-Packaging Standards & Regulations Half-Day Training Course in NSW on                Wednesday the 22nd of July. Course presenter will be Pierre Pienaar MSc, FAIP, CPP.

Overview of Course:This Food Safety-Packaging Standards & Regulations half-day training course will help suppliers and packaging businesses as well as retailers become fully familiar with the requirements of the Standard. Attendees can expect to take away a clear understanding of the importance of knowing, understanding and being able to applying the Standards and Regulations effectively and correctly. It will help them apply what they have learned to their own production and distribution situation - saving waste, improving delivery and increasing profits.

Course Objective:   The purpose of attending this course in Food Safety-Packaging Standards & Regulations is to ensure that for those involved meet the needs of industry, enterprises and develop individuals in expertise and knowledge ensuring that they update, maintain and develop their skills in standards and regulations within the packaging industry.

Who should attend:  All those involved in technical, engineering, procurement, design, quality assurance, technical sales and marketing and packaging development.

To find out more simply email [email protected] or visit www.aipack.com.au




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