Solopreneur Free Webinar Series 

by Jane Anderson 
on 28-Apr-2015 
at Online Webinar Series 

Are you wanting to be a soloprenuer or are already and don't know how to attract your ideal client? Struggle to stand out from the crowd but don't want to blow your own trumpet and be a tall poppy either?

Join me for my free 3 week webinar series on how to create your business under "Brand You" so you can connect with people you love to work with and do the work you're passionate about!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them create personally branded businesses. I will only do this series once this year and I’d love to share with you how you can have your own business too!

In this free 3 part webinar series, I’ll be sharing how you can:


Session 1: Be The Expert- Tues 1pm AEST 28th April 2015 (45mins)

In this session we’ll be covering some ground rules on where to start.

Why positioning is important for your survival in business

How positioning works in the business marketplace

Why your original Thought Leadership is crucial for success

Why your name is better to use than any other business name.

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Session 2: Build Your Tribe- Tues 1pm AEST – 5th of May 2015 (45mins)

Why trying to sell to everyone doesn’t work.

How to build a database of clients who love you and want to work with you

How often to be in touch with your tribe and what to send them

What tools and benchmarks to use to measure success.

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Session 3: Grow Your Business- Wed 1pm AEST – 13th May 2015 (45mins)

The most leveraged ways to grow your business

How to sell without selling

What marketing creates the highest ROI for business growth as a solopreneur

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What some have said:

“What’s a personal brand, do I need one, and how do I get one? With wonderful stories and examples, Jane shows you how your personal brand becomes your promise – what others can expect from you, your team and your business. Jane offers her tips and great coaching questions to get you focused and taking action so that you, too, can develop your personal brand and have impact. Jane is the quintessential role model and thought leader in the area of personal branding.” Stacey Ashley, Master Coach, www.ashleyconsulting.com.au


“After seeing the positive change from going from working under a company name to working under my own name, this is exactly the type of book I wish had been around when I first started the process.” Kylie Chown, Master Resume Writer, www.kyliechown.com.au


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