Simplas offers larger capacities in Europe and Asia 


The Italian SIMPLAS SpA offers larger capacities in the production and service of dies for film and sheet extrusion. The tool manufacturing facilities of Greiner Extrusion in Austria, the Czech Republic and China are used as platforms. 

Simplas and Greiner Extrusion have been cooperating since mid-2018 in the field of dies for film and sheet extrusion. Based in Northern Italy, Simplas is one of the leading suppliers of wide slot dies, feed blocks and accessories for plastic film and sheet extrusion as well as for coating and hot melt coating applications. The core competencies lie in development, design and process engineering. Greiner Extrusion, an Austrian company, is co-owner of Simplas and manufactures extrusion tooling and components for plastics machinery at eight locations worldwide.

By bundling the strengths of both companies, networking the locations in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and China as well as extensive investments in modern processing machines, dies with a width of up to 8 m can be manufactured. The top priorities are attractive delivery times as well as professional and rapid on-site support. Service, repairs and refurbishment for dies of all manufacturers are offered.  


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