Apex’s Actylus™ automated bin systems reducing ‘milk runs’ and improving inventory management 


Apex Supply Chain Technologies, Actylus™ system is providing businesses with technologies that boost productivity through self-automated inventory checks and re-orders.

Kent Savage, CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies says Actylus™ has been designed from the ground up to boost supply chain productivity by 30% and grow bottom-line revenues across a variety of industries and applications.

The Actylus™ auto-order inventory eliminates the need for safety stock, emergency orders and inefficient labour-intensive manual processes, minimizing overall inventory and therefore providing a more cost-efficient solution for inventory management. This means easy replenishment and no more lines down, ultimately ensuring an ergonomic and cost- efficient system to track and keep your inventory in peak performance.

Actylus™ smart bin technology determines when an individual bin needs restocking and sends automated restock alerts and re-order notifications to suppliers at any time of the day or night powered by Trajectory Cloud™ technology. Businesses can even log on and check stock levels via phone or email anytime, anywhere.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies will be showcasing the Actylus™ Supply Replenishment System at National Manufacturing Week, 11-13th May at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, stand #2436.

About Apex Supply Chain Technologies:

North American-based Apex Supply Chain Technologies is a global leader in automated dispensing systems for managing high-use, high-cost, mission-critical supplies, parts, tools, hand-held electronics and components in applications such as OEM manufacturing, fleet maintenance, automotive aftermarket, mining and quarrying, retail, foodservice, healthcare, veterinary medicine and more. CEO and founder Kent Savage is widely recognised as an international expert on automated dispensing/industrial vending and technology solutions and a visionary for innovative applications of the technology. Apex has managed more than three billion automated vending transactions and serves thousands of global clients, including more than 300 Fortune 1000 and Blue-Chip companies. For more information visit or call +61 2 9450 0866.


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