Profile Solutions leak testers are simply extraordinary. 


This 3 head tester in the video is testing around 190 x 600 ml bottles per minute for a 0.18 mm hole. Leading competitor equipment from the USA and Europe 

are 2-3 times the cost to do a similar job on more expensive travelling head units with feed screws, multi-section travelling heads  or rotary machines.

We offer all of these other solutions too, but would use them when far high speeds are needed and justify the cost.

These other units are in the region of $USD 65-100K, where the above is less than USD30K for comparison.
Part of what makes Profile Solutions testers extraordinary is that incredible mix of value for performance.
Other features such as ease of use, simple diagnostics on board and more in depth via  laptop using free terminal software.

As capital is often scarce in companies then why not get excellent leak testing and free up " a large chunk " of capital for other projects.


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