Zero G goes aerial: Making EWPs safer and easier to work from 


Ekso Bionics has made it easier and safer than ever to work use heavy tools in an elevated work platform. The Ekso Bionics Aerial system is designed to mount the revolutionary Zero G ergonomic tool interface to the railing of most elevated work platforms. The Aerial system is easy to install, easy to maneuver, and fully supports the weight of any tool mounted to the system. This allows you or your employees to focus on safely and accurately completing their task. For a link to a video demonstrating the impact that using the aerial system has on worker productivity and health click here.

As you can see in the video the worker with access to the Aerial system completed the job faster and with less strain on their body than the worker who was using the traditional approach. This system is already being used in the construction industry in countries across the world to support heavy drills, jack hammers and grinders. The productivity increase alone is phenomenal. However, the reduction in muscular skeletal injury and fatigue is one of the most important aspects of the Ekso Bionics Zero G system. Workplace injury costs the Australian economy and estimated $60.6 billion every year With the rising cost to business of workplace injuries the time could not be better for companies to invest in injury preventing equipment such as the Ekso Bionics Zero G systems. The following link is an interview with a demolition business that has adopted the new technology in America: click here for the video



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